The inspiration for this book and blog began when I read Cheikh Ante Diop’s book titled, Civilization or Barbarism where he noted and later refuted the lie that Egypt was not part of Africa. This question was the central focus of his doctoral dissertation. He noted that most research on Africa falsely separate Egypt from the rest of the continent of Africa. But Diop’s doctoral research proved them all wrong.

So I decided to reconstruct a biblical view of history that takes into account a more accurate view of the world in which all the major religions began. This timeline is intended to assist both lay and professional biblical scholars with an adequate overview of the religious genius which in turn says much about the religious temperament within the cradle of civilizations which began with the simple act of farming…the domestication of fire some 1,400,000 years ago years ago in Chesowanja, near Lake Baringo in Kenya (New York Times, November 14,1981), the cultivation of grain and cereals at Ewadi Tushka (Nubia), and Wadi Kubbaniya (Egypt) about 17,000 years ago (see “An Ancient Harvest on the Nile” by Fred Wendorf in this book), cattle–domestication about 15,000 years ago (see “African Bullein, vol.44 no. 1 January-March 1981). There are several short news reports on scientific discoveries in ancient Africa, to numerous to mention, but we would like to draw special attention to “Toolmaking Tools in Scientific American (January 1982, pg. 78) which reports on the first known working of wood in the Koobi Fora region of Kenya, east of Lake Turkana, and “View from Space of Sahara’s Past” (front page story in the New York Times, November 26, 1982).

Teacher’s Guide, Ivan Van Sertima pg. 293, Blacks in Science

Further notes:

Dr. John Henrik Clarke on Cheikh Ante Diop and World History in his Introductory remarks in Diop’s Civilization or Barbarism:

…”when are you going to look at the chronology of history?…the first Europeans …intelligence was a piece of folklore called the Odessey and Illiad. Rome and Greece were not European states. They were Mediterranean states African states….there were no European states at that time….what did the Romans and Greeks call the European of that day?…”the Northern Barbarians (Iceland/Greenland?)…” …how then is it that an African cannot cannot claim Ethiopia and Egypt as a part of his heritage when every Scandanavian school boy and all there people did not name (called) Roman and Greece claim Rome and Greece as his heritage?…Rome and Greece are not a part of his heritage, it is a part of the African-Mediterranean heritage…

Amani Arabs established a fort in Anzibar in the East Indian Ocean…(History of East Africa by Basil Davision)…(YouTube)

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