Man, Woman and a Child and all that the Africans was implying was that all Women should be treated like God’s Mother, and that all Men should be like God…and that all CHildren should be treated like the Child of the Gods….the Europeans broke the Man off…the Romans thought that the Woman held a special relationship with God (Not so)…whites created the notion of the single parent home…Mary of Magdellen was not a whore or harlot (casting out the demons in her by stoning her to death as depicted in the biblical narrative)… she stood at the grave (of Jesus) hoping…this is a good funeral story. Woman will be there out of respect for the corps (family)…Act out the role of respect, honor, carer for one another…God is going to lay that plight at your door and you’re going tohave to deal with it. We gotta take our road back to Africa or Ptah, Num”…(Professor James Smalls, YouTube)