NOTES: Africa and Asia continents were connected before the Suez Canal (Pangaea)

Facts are stronger than arguments, more dependable than opinions, more profound than reasoning, silences disputes, supercedes predictions…facts end the arguments…” (Dr. Walter Williams)

***Word (of God) is Spirit, Intuition, Mother Wit, Cosmic Consciousness, the Mountain Top Experience (“I may not get there with you…(MLK)…***

Booker T. Coleman Notes: 5000 BC The Sahara is dried up. Mesopotania is Sumer (Sumerians)

Persia is Iran+Armedians

The Mediterranean World in Ancient Times (Eva Sanford, author)

“…the Roman Empire developed during the early age of Christianity…remember the Roman Empire started in Africa, it rose in Africa, it fell in Africa…a lot of people should stop reading so many religious books and read staight history” (Dr. John Henrik Clarke)

EA Budge

” The works of classical writers on Egypt and her Religion contain extremly valuable information, some of which is supported by native Egyptian texts. On the other hand, there are incorporated with such information many fantastic theories and imaginings which are not only unsupported, but are absolutely contradicted by the facts drawn from Egyptian monuments; Herodotus and others wrote down, no doubt, accurately enough, so far as they understood it, what they were told by Egyptian priests and by their well educated friends in Egypt, but it is quite clear by the construction which they put upon much of the information which they received, that they did not really understand the rudimentary principles of teh Egyptian Religion, or its’ primitive cults, or the nature of their symbolism. There is no evidence in their works they know of, or even suspected, the dexistence in it of the all embracing beliefs in the power of the great ancestral spirit, and in the resurrection of men in general and their immortality, which are the chief characteristics of the Egyptian Religion. And these writers had no knowledge of the details of the cult of Osiris, and of his history, such as we now possess (thanks to the texts of the VI dynasty, because they could not not read the native literature in Egypt. They can hardly be blamed for this, because it is certain that very few of teh Egyptian priest took the trouble to read and study it, and arrange systematically the facts of their Religion which were to be derived from their ancient writings. The confusion and contraditions which appear in the religious text were written under XXth and following dynaties prove beyond all doubt that the knowledge of the early dynastic Religion of Egypt possessed by the priests in general after, let us say, 1200 BC, was extremely vague and uncertain. Such being the case, the information which they could impart to cultivate and enquiring foreigners is almost useless of itself for historical investigations. Moreover, the characters, and men in general relied for salvation upon spells, incantations, magical figure, and amulets; only the wise clung to the beliefs of their ancestors. When Herodotus visited Egypt the knowledge of the Religion of the Ancient and Middle Empires had practically died out. (Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, by EA Budge)