Namoratunga is a burial site in northwestern Kenya, which according to authors B.M. and L.H. Robbins in their article, “Namoratunga: The first Archaeastronomical Evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa” (Science Vol.200, pp 766-768) has an alignment of 19 Basalt pillars that “are nonrandomly oriented toward certain stars and constellations that were used by modern Cushite peoples to calculate an accurate calendar” dating as far back as 300 BC. Namoratunga means stone people in the language of the local Turkana tribe. The significance of the Namoratunga site is that it suggests a detailed pre-historic calendar was in use based on astronomical observation by these people in eastern Africa. The Namoratunga burial site was the place where stellae was inserted into the ground to form certain sighr lines aligned with certain stars when they rose on the eastern and southeastern horizon some 2,330 years ago.

It is further noteworthy that all this was taking place in the Varunga Mountain range located in the highlands of Ethiopia as opposed to the low land evidenced by a relief map of the rainy terrain; where gorilla life predates the Australopithecus Africans some 3.5 million years ago; where the ancient man The highlands of Ethiopia is where civilization, not barbarism began…it is our Garden of Eden, our Holy Land, our Garden of Eden. Therefore the purpose of the Black Divinity timeline is enlightenment and realignment with the pulse of history. The falsification of history is what Dr. John Henrik Clarke calls a “crime against science”.

There is profound meaning in the inate intelligence of the universe process as it continously unfolds both in nature and people…always spinning, revolving and rotating…”the Dogon stars are not simply luminous bodies suspended in space. They have trajectories and weight, dimensions that are to be determined, like the direction of their course, their rays and their revolution’s period, as well as the effect of their radiance onhuman behavior (Diop, pg. 317).