1. Focus of the Blog

This blog is a logical extention of my recently published book, Being Church Behind Prison Walls: Survival Theology, Prisoners and Policymakers.

Faith is indeed a Mystery experience, but mystery is not spooky. Mystery is “the felt presence of God (Paul Tillich). So this blog seeks to define, explain and locate historical facts with this wonderful thing we call life. My initial blog will set the foundations of what is to come later which I call my Black Biblical Timeline. And when I use the term “Black” I am referring to the pigmentation according to the Gloger Law of ecology. The Gloger law will be explained later in this blog series. So the mystery of God is no more than the presence of God in the human mind which absorbs life as it spins, revolves and rotates energized by the Black Hole which seemingly keeps us all alive, spinning and resurrecting ourselves second by second. I find this experience awesome.

Anthropology informs us that early man began in the region of the Naratunga Mountains in the highlands of Ethiopia where it is humid and warm…the perfect place to probably evolve from the gorilla phenotype, but early humankind Blacks were not gorillas or apes. Early man possessed spirituality so it is safe to acknowledge from human paleontological evidence that they invented what we now call “religion”.